Sunday morning was not a showcase of my best singing. I was phlegmy. I was worried about sounding flat. (Later, I was assured I wasn’t.) I just felt “off”. And, while I realize we all have those days, it doesn’t mean I like them. Nonetheless, I received kind compliments from various individuals regarding my performance, and the Israeli Consul General didn’t seem to be any the wiser about my perceptively subpar performance.

Then, yesterday evening, I helped to facilitate an all-actor meeting. Actorly meetings are interesting experiences. There is always a large amount of passion infused with a goodly dose of outspokenness dispensed liberally amongst a wide range of individuals, which typically results in a rather longer-than-planned event. I was serving as intermediary between attendees and the meeting organizers, collecting questions from the audience in anticipation of the evening’s Q&A session. Exciting! (Umm, no. However, I was referred to as the “Vanna White” of the evening on more than one occasion! Perhaps it’s my great smile.) What’s really cool, though: I got to meet one of my blog readers there! That always puts a smile on my face .

Oh. Remember that credit card commercial? The one I auditioned for? I also learned they brought in a blonde actress from New York to play the role for which I was called back. Ugh. When will these Hollywood-ized teams hire people from the local area? We’re just as good, often just as experienced and–many times–more professional. Oh, well. I’m crossing my fingers about that fast food spot. I’d make a cute waitress, I think.

3 comments to Amalgam

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused as to why this was entitled amalgam…since Dennis is a dentist I was particularly intrigued. But, I’m still confused. What was your thinking about this title…just curious. LEMME KNOW, :)

  • Alecia

    Hey, Fred–

    The more traditional definition of “amalgam” is, as a noun, a mixture or blend. So, since this is a mixture of bloggy thoughts, I just titled it “Amalgam”.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I have to tell you though after thinking about it a little longer and before I saw your response, I thought, “Oh maybe she was referring to her Vanna White smile!” Then I just felt silly for asking! So now I think it’s both because, of course, you certainly have that Vanna White smile!
    ;) Fred

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