The universe can be a baffling place.  It never ceases to amaze me that I hardly ever hear from those auditions in which I feel most confident and yet I receive calls from those auditions I leave feeling bewildered and flop-like.

This weekend I had two film auditions.  The first I left feeling happy but as though I hadn’t been given enough time with the script.  The group running the audition was friendly-looking and organized with a plan, but the audition was conducted not unlike a visit to a medical clinic.  I entered, was asked to sign in and complete a form, was handed the script and told to sit and wait.  Very soon thereafter a door opened and a voice called out, “Next!”.  I entered.  After slating for the camera as requested, an individual in the corner surprised me by talking.  It took a moment for me to realize we had begun a scene and I had to inquire about which scene I was reading and with whom.  Clarification improved the situation and I managed to leave the folks in the audition room laughing.

The second audition I approached feeling upbeat.  I arrived with time to spend on the character description and the script.  When it came my turn to read, they took my photo twice.  I was so in character initially I was far from smiling; my picture looked more like a mug shot.  The assistant obliged with a second photo op at my request.  Then, I followed up with one uncertain read from the script and a slightly flubbed monologue.  Hopefully no one noticed.  Upon departure, I don’t know if I was even out of earshot before my self-directed raspberry revealed my dissatisfaction with my presentations.  I cannot tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to find a voicemail message later that day informing me I was called back to read again.  Yay! I then began to question the two slices of cake I had just consumed as consolation.  A workout should resolve that, right?