I have never been one to make resolutions at the turn of a new year. The words “resolve” and “resolution” for me immediately call to mind music theory analyses of great compositions–specifically works by Wagner, Berg and Schönberg, among others. I’ve always felt trite commitments such as “lose weight”, “quit drinking” and “get organized” carry with them negative connotations that attract unwanted energy and undesired outcomes. They also bear heightened expectations that go frequently unmet and can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction.

So this year I am making a pledge to myself to work daily at being the best person I can be. There is an expression I like and is paraphrased, “Imagine life as you wish it to be and trust in the knowledge the Universe will provide it for you.” While I like it very much, I acknowledge I haven’t always believed it. However, I can cite examples in which actions undertaken with belief in such a concept have led to desired results.

One story that comes to mind details a friend’s experience. At her college, there was a policy through which students could select their senior dorm rooms at the conclusion of their junior years based on a lottery system. Of course, those whose names were drawn sooner in the lottery had more dorm room options from which to choose. So, my friend and her roommate put their names into the lottery at the beginning of their junior years and made a pact that they would engage in courteous, helpful actions throughout the academic year with the intent that their names would be drawn at the outset of the lottery. As the months passed, they held open doors, assisted others, and were charitable and obliging in all actions–all with the unspoken desire that they wanted great placement in the dorm room lottery. And you know what? When it came time for the lottery, their names were drawn first! They got to live in the room of their choice for their senior years. My friend and her roommate imagined life as they wanted, trusted that the Universe would provide it for them, and it happened.

In making a pledge to work daily at being the best person I can be, I am doing so imagining the life and career goals I wish to achieve in 2012, and believing the Universe will provide them for me.

Wishing you health, joy, and much success in 2012!