The Musical Consequence of Who I Am

Recently, the New York Times published a call for reader experiences in ArtsBeat entitled, What Inspired You to Work in Classical Music? A selection were chosen for inclusion with an essay by Anthony Tommasini, It All Started With a Toy Piano. The inquiry spurred my own thoughts about how I became a musician. Here follows [...]

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Reinstating Responsibility

It's no secret I haven't blogged in six months. They've been an educational and defining six months, but therein lies another blog post for another time--or perhaps a novel. During this period, I've given considerable thought to the purpose of blogging. My friend, Mo, once remarked that he didn't think it was prudent for the [...]

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Dissociating Self and Hindsight

Earlier today I queried, "Why is hindsight 20/20"? You see, I've had difficulty abiding by my personal tricolon recently: I go, I do it, I leave. Specifically, I have had difficulty failing to recall two auditions I had last week.  They were callbacks for roles in a TV pilot--my first auditions for a pilot since [...]

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A Pledge of Character

I have never been one to make resolutions at the turn of a new year. The words "resolve" and "resolution" for me immediately call to mind music theory analyses of great compositions--specifically works by Wagner, Berg and Schönberg, among others. I've always felt trite commitments such as "lose weight", "quit drinking" and "get organized" carry [...]

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