The Musical Consequence of Who I Am

Recently, the New York Times published a call for reader experiences in ArtsBeat entitled, What Inspired You to Work in Classical Music? A selection were chosen for inclusion with an essay by Anthony Tommasini, It All Started With a Toy Piano. The inquiry spurred my own thoughts about how I became a musician. Here follows […]

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Reinstating Responsibility

It’s no secret I haven’t blogged in six months. They’ve been an educational and defining six months, but therein lies another blog post for another time–or perhaps a novel. During this period, I’ve given considerable thought to the purpose of blogging. My friend, Mo, once remarked that he didn’t think it was prudent for the […]

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Dissociating Self and Hindsight

Earlier today I queried, “Why is hindsight 20/20″? You see, I’ve had difficulty abiding by my personal tricolon recently: I go, I do it, I leave. Specifically, I have had difficulty failing to recall two auditions I had last week.  They were callbacks for roles in a TV pilot–my first auditions for a pilot since […]

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A Pledge of Character

I have never been one to make resolutions at the turn of a new year. The words “resolve” and “resolution” for me immediately call to mind music theory analyses of great compositions–specifically works by Wagner, Berg and Schönberg, among others. I’ve always felt trite commitments such as “lose weight”, “quit drinking” and “get organized” […]

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